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Related article: Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 19:26:53 -0800 (PST)
From: Ben
Subject: Family Traditions - Introducing my son to family traditions. (Part 2)After that night, when I showed my son Mikey the first
and most important of our male family traditions,
everything went better everyday. He learned that men
should be naked when ever they were alone, and when
ever one got a hardon, it meant that he was ready with
a load of milk, and the other one had to blow him so
that his man milk wouldn't spoil in his balls. So,
ever since then, he sucked me four or five times a
day, and I got to suck him once and a while. He was
growing a larger cock, due to all that daddy milk I
was feeding him with, it was now about 5 inches long.
I had been lazy in showing him the next rule, so by
now, I would have to teach him two rules in a row. He
always wanted me to feed him with my man milk, and I
was proud of him, but a year has passed since I fed
him at least once a day my daddy milk, and he needs to
now more by now, so I introduced him to the second
male rule in our family:TAKING DADDYS COCK UP YOUR ASSIt was about 5 O' clock in the morning when:
--"Mikey, come here, we have to have a dad son talk"
--"Yes daddy, what do you need me for, are you gonna
give me more daddy milk? Huh."
--"Later kiddo, we have to talk about something, come
here". And he sat on my lap as usual.
--"Mikey, I see that you like man milk very much and I
am proud of you. You make me very happy cause you're
turning into a man. I know its hard, but... that's what
I am here for, to help you on your way. Today is your
13th birthday. You're a teenager and I have to teach
you more lessons now".--"Yes daddy, mayores folladas lolitas 27 I love your daddy milk, it makes me feel
very loved by you, you give it to me with so much love
and care, I erected preteen boy lolitas know that the only thing you want, is to
make a man out of me, and I have I'll do anything that
you tell me to."--"Good boy, Mikey, give your daddy a kiss". He
started kissing me, long and wet. "Good Mikey, looks
like you are learning well, you kiss very
passionately, I see that I've taught you well. Lets
see if you are ready for your next lesson. I see that
you are an excellent cocksucker and daddy is proud of
you, now its time for your next lesson. By now, I
should have taught you more, time has caught up with
me, I'll show you two lessons now".--"Yes daddy, which are they".
--"Son, today, you are gonna learn the second male
family tradition, your gonna have to take daddys cock
up your ass".
--"Yes daddy, I'll do everything you tell me to, so
that I can be like you when I grow up older. Does it
--"Ok Mikey, you'll see for your self. Now get on the
floor like a puppy and open your legs so that daddy
can see your ass hole." So he was doggie style on the
floor and opened his legs, leaving me the most
beautiful sight of my son's ass.
--"That's it son, your doing all right, let me feel
your nice soft bubble ass." I started touching and
licking his ass, get closer to his hole, and he
started moaning and breathing harder with each one of
my tongue jobs. I got to his hole junior young lolita bbs and he shivered.
--"Oh daddy! That's incredible! I feel like when I'm
just about to cum. Aahhhhhh, aaahhhhh, ooohhh daddy,
that feels sooo gooood, aaahhhh."
I started to push in my tongue, but he felt so tight,
I couldn't get my tongue in. So I started to put in a
finger, he just went wild.---"Aaaahhhhh, daddy, wow! That feels great!"
--"Are you enjoying this son? Are you, huh."
--"Yes daddy, I love everything you do to me, I love
it daddy."I took away my finger, and started wetting it a bit
more with my tongue. Then, when erected preteen boy lolitas I saw his cock
dripping, I inserted two fingers. He was now open and
willing to learn more from his daddy. He kept moaning
and moaning, and I could see more and more precum
dripping from his 5 inch hard cock.--"Ok son, now its time to let daddy's cock in your
tight ass hole, its gonna hurt a bit, but only the
first time... so... show daddy what a good boy you are,
and how much you want to turn in to a man. Now, be
brave Mikey! and take it like the good little son you
have been to your daddy!"I put the head of my cock on his ass hole, and started
pushing nice and slowly, until my cock's head got
in...pop!--"Aaarrrrrgggggghhhh! Aaaaaooooouuuuuchh! Daddy, it
hurts!"--"I know son, but as I told you, it only hurts the
first time, that's why you have to let all of daddy's
12 inches in, so that you learn how to take it up your
ass like a man. I'm your daddy, and I love you, that's
why I'm teaching you this son. It's gonna hurt a bit
son, you can yell all you need, I'm here to help you
in your ass pain."--"Ok daddy, I'll be a good boy. I want to take my
daddy's cock up my ass like a good little son."I left my cock's head in his ass for a few minutes,
pushing the first two or three inches in and out
veeery slowly so that he could get a bit looser.
Then, I knew it was time to put more in, so I shoved
al 12 inches in, all in one hard push. He yelled like
crazy, he had tears on his eyes and cheaks.--"Aaaaahhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Daaaaaddyyyy,
your cock is too big for me!"
--"I know son, but your ass is still too tight, that's
why daddy is gonna open you wide, and leave you ready
for cock."I left all my 12 inches in his tight hole, not moving
at all, just letting him get used to my thick meat,
and waiting for the right moment to move on. I was
rubbing his ass with my both hands until he stopped
yelling and started breathing softer.Then he said that it didn't hurt that much, so I
started to move very slowly, pumping until only my
cock's head was in his hole, and then, back in, all 12
inches were finding their way up my sons ass hole,
very slowly, very kindly. He had his hole really wet
with my saliva and my precum, that helped my cock
slide in his ass hole a lot easier. I started pumping
a bit faster and harder, and he was responding very
good, he started moaning and breathing faster. Precum
was dripping from his boy lolita preteen nude ukrainian cock.--"Mikey, how does this feel? Huh. Tell daddy what you
are feeling now."
--"Oh daddy, you were right, the pain is gone, and I'm
feeling great with your cock in my baby ass, I feel
very full of your daddy cock, I never thought I could
feel this good, its even better than sucking cock.
Oooohhhh daddy, when you get it all in I can feel
myself fly of pleasure, aahh daddy ahhh."
--"That's the idea kiddo, your daddy is trying to make
you a good boy."I started pumping faster and faster, until we were
both moaning very loudly. Pumping and pumping, slaping
his ass with my right hand, and going wild seeing how
his bubble ass was shaking like big water balloons
when my hips or my hands hit his ass. Oooohhh, I was
getting really close. Suddenly, he started to shoot
his boy cum without touching his cock.--"Daddy, I think I'm.....
I'm....aaaarrgggghhh...aaaahhhhhh! aaaaahhh!"I felt his hole get tighter, pulsating, closing on my
cock as if he tried to cut my cock with his ass hole.--"Mikey, I'm gonna shoot my daddy milk up your ass
now, get ready to feel it. Here art model girl lolitas It comes son, take it,
take your daddy's milk up your tight boy ass, take it!
Take it! Heeeeree! Aaaarrrrggghhhh! Aaaahhhhhh!
Aaaaarrrrgghhhh!I shot 7 or 8 thick spurts of daddy milk in my sons
ass, and I felt completely dryed off. I took my cock
out of my sons ass hole, and saw my milk pouring out
of his hole. White, nice and clean. My cum dripping
out of my sons hole.--"Daddy, I feel great. I feel my ass all wet."I started licking my cum from his hole, and sucked his
hole for more cum.
We were both exhausted laying on the floor. My son
couldn't move cause we has more tired than me, so I
just hugged him and told him I loved him. He fell
asleep in my arms with his ass all wet with my cum.
About 15 minutes later, he woke up.--"Daddy, I love you daddy. You make me feel good
every day. I love you."
--"I love you too kiddo."
--"Daddy, you said that you were gonna teach me two
lessons today. Which is the next lesson?"
--"Mikey, the next lesson is tonight. Now, get ready
to go to school, and remember, tonight, you're gonna
learn more on being a man. Your uncles Rob lolita bbs toplist guestbook and Rick
are coming to visit us tonight, and they're gonna help
us with your next lesson. Ok?"
--"Ok daddy." --He took a bath, got dressed, I took him
to school and I went to my office.Comments: hotstorytelleryahoo.com
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